Baptism and Wedding Enquiries

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Enquiries for Baptisms, Weddings, Blessings, Renewal of Vows are Welcome from all who live in the parish.



Baptism is a service in which children and adults are welcomed into membership of the church.  Most people are Baptised as babies but it is never too late!

Most parents want first of all to say thank you to God for their new baby.  This is not something the Baptism service does so we ask parents to bring their child for a Thanksgiving Service before we go ahead with Baptism.

There is a simple process of preparation and reflection that we ask parents to go through before the Baptism takes place.  A phone call to the Vicarage will get this process started.

**** From 4 July, baptisms can go ahead providing appropriate steps are taken to minimise risk. Please see Guidance on Baptisms for more information.



Anyone who lives in the parish and has not been married before has the right to get married in the Parish Church.  A simple phone call to the Vicarage is all it takes to arrange a meeting to book the wedding and get the legal process started.

It is sometimes possible, in exceptional circumstances, for a divorced person to be married again in church.  Again a simple phone call to the Vicarage is all it takes to begin looking at whether or not this is possible for you.

*** From 4 July, the Government has allowed for weddings in places of worship, providing certain public health criteria are met including an advised maximum number of 30 people in attendance.

Please see Guidance on Weddings for more information.


Blessing of a Marriage

If you married elsewhere and would like your marriage blessed or have a special occasion for which you would like to renew your wedding vows, please give us a call.


For more information please contact

Reverend Simon Boxall on 01782 562479

or Reverend Sharon Greensmith on 07962 139947




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