Christianity Explored


A seven week course  for anyone interested in finding out about the basics of Christianity in a friendly and relaxed manner.  Enjoy making new friends and ask all those questions you've never found answers to.  Christianity Explored is a place where no question is too simple or difficult.

Each week starts with food which is followed by a talk on the topic for the night.  After this small groups give everyone the chance to discuss what they have heard, express their own opinions and to ask all those questions you never get to ask.

Topics include:

  • Good news: What are we doing here?
  • Identity: Who is Jesus?
  • Sin: Why did Jesus come?
  • The cross: Why did Jesus die?
  • Resurrection: Why did Jesus rise?
  • Grace: How can Good accept us?
  • Come and die: What does it mean?


For more information please contact:

Reverend Simon Boxall on 01782 562479 or

Reverend Sharon Greensmith on 07962 139947 


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