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What We Believe

God is the creator of all things and he made us in his image to have a special relationship with him.

We have spoiled this relationship by not living our lives as he intended; wanting instead to go our own way.  The Bible calls this SIN.

God sent his son, Jesus, to live among us, to take the blame for our sins through his death on the cross, and to win for us the gift of eternal life by rising from the dead.

Because of Jesus' death, if we are truly sorry for what we have done, God will forgive us our sins and so restore our relationship with him.

God will send his Holy Spirit to live in us and help us to be the kind of people he always wanted us to be and to help us love him and all his creation.

God's gifts of love and forgiveness are not just for good people, they are for everyone who is willing to come to him, to ask for forgiveness and who will allow him to help them live better lives in the future.

God wants us to meet together regularly to worship him, expressing our love for him and receiving his love as we seek his guidance in our lives.

God has a plan for his creation and has a part for us in his plan. He wants everyone to know his love and forgiveness and wants us to tell our friends about him so that everyone may know the peace that comes from living as he wants us to and trusting in his promise that we will spend eternity with him.





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